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Based on my continued attempts to have a minor email issue resolved there is no way I could consider or even recommend doing business with this company. I get two to three unsolicited emails from this company every day. They seem to think if they nag you enough you'll buy something. I have unsuccessfully tried to opt out of Zacks emails for over a year. I tried using the unsubscribe link, emails to customer support, begging, pleading, I even... Read more

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I wanted to learn a little more about how the Stock Market works and had been looking at different sights. I kept seeing Zacks and inquired. Long story short, I didn't want to invest the kind of money they wanted but allowed myself to be talked into it under the guise of a money back if not satisfied. Well that a joke as well as their ranking system and their "personal " training. I tried to get my money back and they have used every excuse to... Read more

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it has been many years and believe I have zacks mixed up with other companies. I tried to retract my comments and failed. it was goldman sachs NOT ZACKS. IT WAS NOT ZACKS. IN FACT ZACKS STRONG BUY RATINGS HAVE BEAT THE S&P 500 ON AVERAGE OF 25 PERCENT A YEAR. AGAIN I RETRACT MY COMMENTS ABOUT ZACKS ONLY. THE OTHER STATEMENTS ABOUT SCAMMERS AND THE BROKERS IS TRUE. I WILL TAKE those facts to my grave. I am not scared of goldman sachs.... Read more

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this is a no brainer. go back and read all the zacks articles you can find. you will see that maybe 10 percent winners and the other 90 percent big losers. this is not a coincidence. some articles were so bad that they have been removed by thieves and banker buddies. look at the dates and then check the historical prices thereafter. wtf motely fool is another company who makes money from pump to dump. really there is not much info you can find... Read more

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They have no idea what they are talking about. Call me . 3`12-399-1851 they wanted me to sell AEE after it went up one dollar on Tuesday. Hire a full service broker. we are in the midst of the biggest bull market in history. They are no better than Weiss Research or Tasty Trade or any other guru that soaks the public. When they make a mistake all they say is Sorry. Much like Dennis Gartman on CNBC. Well sorry does not cut... Read more

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Despite multiple 'unsubscribe' messages from me during the last year or so, Zacks and/or its "partners" comtinue to bombard me with unwanted--and indeed, rejected--e-mails. Zacks claim that I invited their business associates to e-mail me directly, which I did not. And they use the following seemingly clever yet illogical legalese device, which I consider/opine to be unethical business practice, to justify their spamming: "Notice: Please... Read more

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